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Getting Started

Finding the Right Drug Rehab Clinic

If you or someone you love needs help, a drug rehab clinic can provide you with the right level of support, care and medical attention to ensure that you safely recover from a drug or alcohol addiction.  Finding the right type of drug rehab can be a difficult and time consuming process but the end result can lead to lasting success in your recovery efforts.

By asking a few rather simple questions, you can narrow down the rehabilitation options that are available to you and come up with a defined list of clinics that may be most suitable to your individual needs.  Before you make the final decision on care for yourself or someone you love, consider these factors:

  • Cost of Treatment
  • Types of programs offered
  • Qualifications of staff and personnel
  • Inclusion of family therapy and counseling
  • Aftercare or follow-up care options

Cost of Drug Rehab

The cost of each drug rehab clinic and even specific programs within each clinic will differ based on level of care provided, level of medical treatment offered, length of the program and various factors related to your individual health needs.  You’ll want to make sure that you ask very specific questions about the cost of treatment including what’s included, whether medications will cost extra and what additional fees you can expect.

Make sure that you find a rehab center that provides the services that you need at a cost you can afford.  Many accept insurance so this is an option for offsetting some of the costs of treatment if you have insurance coverage.  You may also find that you don’t need around-the-clock care in many cases which can drastically reduce the cost of treatment.

Types of Programs Offered

Consider the variety of the rehab programs when you make your final decision.  You’ll want to choose a drug rehab clinic that offers many different programs that can provide you with the right level of support, inclusion and counseling for each stage of your recovery.  In addition to having varied types of treatment, it will also be important that the treatment facility provides regular reviews of your recovery goals and makes necessary modifications to ensure long term success.

Qualifications of Staff & Personnel

Most states require that drug or alcohol rehab clinics have qualified, and certified counselors to provide therapy.  Make sure that you choose a clinic that has a medical staff on site including doctors and nurses as well as certified counselors and therapists.  Ask to see credentials and qualifications in advance prior to seeking any treatment.

Inclusion of Family Therapy & Counseling

The best drug rehab clinics provide family therapy and counseling to help heal the relationships and support system of the recovering addict.  Because addiction affects the entire family, it’s important that all members of the family get involved in the treatment and the recovery process in order to rebuild and heal broken bonds that have resulted from the addiction.

Try to find a rehab clinic that will provide family workshops, group counseling for families or similar therapeutic support for the entire family.  This will ensure that all members of the family are getting the emotional support that they need during this difficult time.

Aftercare of Follow-up Care Options

Once you complete drug rehab, you’ll still need support.  This is where aftercare and follow-up care options come into play. Make sure you choose a drug rehab clinic that includes follow-up care and long-term support to help you abstain from drug or alcohol abuse and continue to receive the counseling, therapy and help you need to long term recovery.